The first main project of this semester has been to learn from a precedent analysis by means of diagramming.  I was given the Gothenburg Law Courts in Sweden as the precedent to study, and I was working with one other team member to put these boards together.  This is a mix of traditional media (ink on Mylar) and digital media (Meaning that we drew out the items on Mylar with India Ink, and then we scanned in the pictures and used Photoshop and In-design to lay out the boards.  Then we printed them out again on Mylar–very expensive, by the way–for the presentation this past wednesday).  The Gothenburg Law Courts were an extension to an existing Law building, with a very traditional facade.  The addition was built in a modern style, but in a very original way that creates a lot of visual interest between the two.  On the exterior, the facade of the addition was made to be subservient to the original facade.  There is no entrance on the side of the addition, only on the original facade.  Also, all of the windows of the addition are placed off center in the window bays, with a movement towards the original building.  In a way, you can see them as “eyes” that are looking back toward the original.  On the inside, however, the addition takes precedence, because this is where the courthouses are.  A big open atrium in the center is given for lawyers and clients to meet, and the materials on this side are white plaster and rich, highly polished wood (because this is Sweden, light is a commodity, and reflected light is every bit as important as the natural light).

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