New Site Model

For this next project, I have another site in downtown Knoxville.  This time we are creating a museum–for East Tennessee history, but with a focus on oral history, the stories and the letters. 

The design is still in process, but here is the site model that we built as a class.  Our professor allowed us to experiment a little bit this time around, so we took advantage of it.  This model was built with layered chipboard, at 3/32 scale.  Instead of using the chipboard for the model, though, we used it as a mold–for a plaster-cast model…

We experimented with different materials and colors for the contextual buildings as well, before we decided on using airplane plywood for the base.  We thought of grey paint for the color, but decided to use chalkboard paint on the buildings.  Eventually we will use chalk to draw the facades on the buildings, but for now they are black.

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