Museum Project

This is the finished set that I will present Wednesday morning…

The museum is about sound, so my design tries to internalize the sound and project it out from the building on to the sidewalk, hopefully drawing people in.  There would be speakers under the overhang allowing historical stories to be played on Gay St and Church Ave.  The bottom part of the building would be made with zinc panels, which would get a patina over time.  The upper part of the building would be thin-cut alabaster: during the day, the daylight would come through the alabaster, making the inside glow, while at night, the lights inside would make the building a glowing box–like the console of an old radio.

In the central courtyard, there are pressure pads which project the story upwards, when there are multiple stories playing at the same time, it would be a small cacophony of the voices, with all of the stories blending together.

In the back, there is an outdoor patio area, where the light would come over the top and through the alabaster skin, lighting the area and providing a diffused glow for those seated at the tables.

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