Emory Project

The Emory project was given to us two weeks ago; we are designing the office of the University architect at Emory University in Atlanta.  Most of the quad is neo-classical stucco or stone buildings, except for the Cannon Chapel done in a modern brutalist manner by Paul Rudolph, and a post-modern influenced building by Michael Graves.  These buildings are directly on axis with each other, in a kind of dialogue because of their shared axis and because of how different they are.  And our site is right in the middle of those two in their dialogue.

While looking at the project, I was thinking about the role of the campus architect, I thought about the edges in the quad, and the need to define edges–in the quad, the far side from the site is more linear, keeping what is basically a single edge, even though the buildings may move a little forward or backward from that line.  The other side of the quad steps away from the center with several different edges.  I was also trying to be cognizant of the fact that the site is a major circulation center, and the architect must be in touch with the “nervous system” of the site.  My solution was to keep the edge, but to make it a permeable edge, by creating a loggia.

These drawings were for a preliminary review, a chance to gauge our concepts against another professor before our final reviews.

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