Coming Up

I haven’t posted in a while because I have been super busy.

In my studio this semester, we have participated as decathletes in the DOE’s Solar Decathlon.  I went to DC for over a week in the middle of the semester to help assemble the house there in preparation for the competition.

Now we are working on a project that may change into a built project over the course of the next few years if everything turns out favorably.  ALCOA, the aluminum manufacturer, was watching the decathlon studio over the past couple of years, and have communicated to the school that they may want to have the students design a similar small, zero energy housing unit to showcase their company (and especially their aluminum).

We all chose our own sites, and the other studio was doing an urban studio, so I chose to place my houses in downtown Maryville, TN.  Because of the city context, I chose to follow the row house typology–a project into lightweight modular urban infill.  This is my project so far–the process is still ongoing, so I will have to make many more changes before the end (in fact, a lot of it changed drastically today after my latest desk crit:

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