Haiti Project 1

For the Haiti Studio this semester, our goal was to design a community that will be built in the Fond-des-Blancs region of Haiti.  The studio was split up into 7 teams, and each team was to produce two houses based on needs for different residents of the community.

This first house design was for a project of the client’s that he calls CALEB–this is meant to be a community program that will train young adults to be leaders in the community and hopefully influence the next generation of Haitians.  The program for this house called for accommodations for up to six or eight young adults, who will live in the house for three years before they graduate and the next class will move in.

In our design for the Caleb house, we designed for eight residents, with the young men in one wing of the home and the young women in the other.  The central area was designed to be more open and inviting, as shown in the rendering, the porch facade will open up and allow natural ventilation to flow through the space.  Because of the great expense to import items for the space which might be prohibitive for some Haitian people, we encouraged low tech solutions which can be made by local craftsmen, like the custom folding doors which we also gave millwork specifications for in our drawing sets.


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