Haiti Project 2

The second house designed by my teammates and myself was a home for a young professional Haitian expatriate, returning to Haiti after living in the US or another country for some time.  Like before with the other house, we were designing for natural ventilation, blocking the harshest sunlight to discourage too much heat gain, and using local materials, designing ‘low tech’ solutions for the local craftsmen to make.

The angle of the roof and the trellis, as well as the part of the home that ‘steps out’ were designed to meet some of the conditions and the design that was created for the site.  The inside of the house was designed hierarchically, with the more private space containing the restroom and bedrooms appearing to be more enclosed, and the other part of the house, which includes the living, dining and kitchen flowing together in more of a free plan.

The roof form responds to several separate issues: The structure is framed from lightweight timber to allow for movement in an earthquake prone region.  The three panels of the roof come together at a single point to allow water collection–this would need to be channeled through the use of gutters and a downspout leading to a rainwater collection tank.  We did not close off the structure under the roof, but left it open, using simple louvers to block sunlight, and a mesh bug screen behind.  By doing this, air will continue to move through the space, while the heated air can escape through the open roof structure by means of a convection current and aided by the specified ceiling fan.


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