Design Presentation

I am in a design presentation class this semester, and we are working on several techniques to make a stronger visual presentation for other projects.  Here are a couple of projects that I have done this semester for that class.

The first one is an investigation into the concept of motion on a page.  We started by placing the grey and black rectangles on a page in order to show movement through the page.  Then we were to take letters in the second half of that project and try to show the same motion on the page and also to have a similar presence and proportion to the work on both sides of the page.

The second project required us to take an existing building and find an article about it and pictures from a book.  Then we were to create two magazine spreads from that article and pictures.  The building I chose was the New York Times building by Renzo Piano.  There was an article in Architecture Week, written by Michael Crosbie, that I used for the text, and pictures were taken of the Times Building by Michel Denancer.


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